Publication Credits

As Jason Feingold or Jason A. Feingold:

“Little Carmen” / 99 Pine Street

“If You Touch Me, I’ll Kill You…” / Amarillo Bay

“Fast Food Fish Fatale” / Allegory (No longer available)

“The Grad School Detective” / Bewildering Stories

“The Grad School Detective” / Bewildering Stories Second Quarterly Review 2015

“The Grad School Detective” / Bewildering Stories Annual Review 2015

“Comparing Notes” / Ariel Chart

Untitled Essay / Voices: A Collection of Essays and Messages from Guardians Ad Litem… (Print only)

“How to Dumpster Dive from a Cadillac” / Danse Macabre

“Necessity” / Little Rose Magazine

“Distant Cousin” / Avalon Literary Review (Print Only)

“The Jews of Ireland” / Jewish Literary Journal

“The Long Way Home” / Literally Stories

“How Much for the Doggie in the Window?” / Beyond the Pane

“The Daily Mail” / The Drunken Llama

“Driver and Passenger” / Abstract Magazine

“Lucky in Love” / Scarlet Leaf Review

“Nice Guys Finish Last” / Wink: Writers in the Know

“Blanden, I” / Good Works Review (Kindle) (Paperback)

“Pretty Women Never Sit Next to Me on Airplanes” / New Pop Lit

“I’m a Good Mom” / Wilderness House Literary Review

“Of Cows and Corn” / Storylandia

“Trash” / Contact me and I’ll send you the link.

As Simon Easton

“The Road to Hell” / Five on the Fifth

“Kool Aid” / Corvus Review

“Rural Ruin” / The Seven Story House

“Shecky Shalom” / cc&d Magazine

“Shecky Shalom” / The Chamber (Print only)

“Shecky Shalom” / After the Blues (Print only)

“Ella Mar” / Centum Press Anthologies (Print only)

“Dream of the Taino Chief Dreaming” / Five 2 One Magazine (Print only)

Forthcoming Work

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